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Features - Configure Lexicon

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When you first attempt to open a lexicon database in Lexique Pro, the Configure Lexicon Wizard appears. This will take you through a number of pages where you tell Lexique Pro about how your database is configured and how you would like it to be displayed.

You will need to specify which languages are used for glosses and definitions.

Field markers are assumed to be those defined in MDF (Multi-Dictionary Formatter), but you can change them if you use different ones in your database.

You can choose which fonts to use, the text direction (e.g. Right to Left), the keyboard, and whether you want to convert legacy font data into Unicode.

Font styles can be specified for different areas of the program.

Sort orders and upper-lower case associations should also be entered.

If semantic domain fields exist in your lexicon, you can specify a hierarchy of categories to be displayed in the Categories tab.

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Last updated: 27 April 2010 09:16:33